Selling Your Home

What's my home worth?

So, you are thinking about selling your home. Making sure that your home is competitively priced is just as important as getting it ready to show to potential homebuyers. At Elite Land and Realty, our experienced agents offer an honest evaluation of your home’s value by comparing your property to real data from recent transactions in your neighborhood. We will even review the data with you. Contact one of our agents today for a free, no obligation market analysis to determine the value of your home.

Why Should I Hire an Elite Land and Realty Agent?

More Money in Your Pocket

When selling your home, selecting the right agent can save you thousands of dollars (and, as a seller, those savings mean more money straight into YOUR pocket). By hiring an Elite Land and Realty agent, you can be assured that we are market experts and work hard to ensure that our clients are getting the very best price and terms for their home.

Constant Personal Attention to You and Your Home

We are not a “list it and leave it” brokerage. We pride ourselves on personal service, constant market analysis, confident negotiating, and excellent communication with our clients. With an Elite Land and Realty agent selling your home, you will never have to “wonder how things are going,” you will constantly be updated with changes in the market, number of recent showings for your home, and you will be immediately notified of offers that are coming in.

Convenient “Paperless” Technology

We are a “paperless brokerage” and almost all documents (except those signed at settlement) can be reviewed and signed electronically from your computer, tablet, or even your phone. We have invested in the technology to make selling your home as convenient, timely and efficient as possible.

Over-The-Top Service and Analysis

In addition to all of the above, here is a peek at what you get when you hire an agent from Elite Land and Realty:

Selling Tip #1

Do a few simple things to help your home show better: keep the lawn manicured, sweep the walkways and porch, and turn on the lights. These simple things take very little time and pay off when potential buyers come looking!

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Before the home is listed

  • Research all homes that were sold in the last 3-6 months in your neighborhood.
  • Research all comparable properties that are currently listed on for sale.
  • Research average days on the market for your neighborhood.
  • Research which homes did not sell in your neighborhood and determine why.
  • Determine if there are any unique features to your home or community.
  • Determine if anything is to be included or excluded from the sale.
  • Contact the HOA (if applicable) to determine items covered and fees.
  • Create a Current Market Analysis.
  • Suggest an honest, competitive sales price.
  • Visit your property and give suggestion to prepare the house for pictures and showings.
  • Explain the process of selling your home.
  • Order and pay for professional sign to attract potential buyers.
  • Order and pay for a lockbox to be installed to allow other Realtors access to your house for their appointments.
  • Order professional quality photos to be taken and edited to showcase your home.

During the listing

  • Show your home to potential buyers.
  • Set appointments with other agents to show your home.
  • Request feedback from potential buyers.
  • Continue to analyze the market each week.
  • Research which comparable homes have sold.
  • Research which new listings have come on the market and how they compare to yours.
  • Provide weekly updates.

Selling Tip #2

Take your time to consider every offer. Don’t jump too early on a good offer—but don’t wait too long or you may miss the boat! Our agents can help you identify a great offer.

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Offer and Contract

  • Receive and Review Purchase Contract.
  • Contact Buyer’s agent to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss offer.
  • Obtain a pre-qualification letter.
  • Confirm that the Buyer is pre qualified by contacting the Lender.
  • Determine which type of loan the buyer will be obtaining and determine when the loan will be ready.
  • Present offer to you and explain in detail the pros and cons of the offer.
  • Recommend a game plan for negotiating the best price and terms for you.
  • Prepare a Counter Offers, Addendum or Acceptance.
  • Once the Offer has been negotiated and signed by all parties, our agent will contact the title company to open escrow.

Under Contract

  • Send copy of Purchase Contract and any related addenda to the title company.
  • Within a few days of contract, your agent will verify that the buyer’s earnest money has been deposited.
  • Obtain a deposit receipt and make sure you have a copy.
  • Provide and explain all necessary disclosures that you will need to fill out for the buyers.
  • Monitor due diligence, disclosure and lending deadline and make sure they are met.
  • Obtain CC&Rs, Plat Map, Preliminary Title Report and deliver to Buyer’s agent.
  • Obtain a commitment for Title Insurance and deliver to the Buyer’s agent.
  • Obtain HOA’s budget, financial statements and recent meeting minutes.
  • Coordinate Home Inspection time.
  • Review Home Inspection Report and negotiate any request for repairs.
  • Follow up with buyer’s lender weekly to make sure things are moving along.
  • Coordinate time for the appraisal.
  • Follow up with appraisal and provide helpful comparables to the appraiser if the appraisal comes in low.

Selling Tip #3

Enjoy the great feeling of selling your home for the right price! We’ll work hard to make sure you’re satisfied—and when it’s all said and done, we’ll celebrate right along with you!

Yes, let's sell my home!!

Settlement and Closing

  • Explain settlement and closing procedures.
  • Coordinate settlement appointment with the lender and title company.
  • Schedule a final walk through with the buyer’s agent.
  • Order a home warranty if applicable.
  • Obtain closing statement and answer any questions you have about it.
  • Attend settlement and answer any questions
  • Obtain keys for buyers
  • Follow up with lender and title officer and notify you when the loan has funded and the deed has been recorded.
  • Request sign and lock box removal.
  • Change status to SOLD on MLS.